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Lebanon Centennial: The Greater Lebanon

This guide was created on the occasion of Greater Lebanon’s centennial..
This introductory guide compiles resources about the "Greater Lebanon"
and was developed on the occasion of Lebanon's
Major events from "Mutasarrifiya" through "Greater Lebanon" to "Independence of Lebanon"
1860 - 1864 European-Ottoman treaty called Organic Regulation (Mount Lebanon) was a series of conventions between the Ottoman Empire and main European Powers which lead to the creation of Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifiya.
5 September 1860 An international commission composed of France, Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia and the Ottoman Empire met to recommend a new administrative system for Lebanon.  
1861 In the 1861 Organic Regulation, Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifiya was established.  This Mutasarrifiya system lasted from 1861 until 1918.
1919 - 1920 Paris Peace Conference was the formal meeting of the victorious Allies after the end of World War I 
27 October 1919  Lebanese delegation led by Maronite Patriarch Elias Peter Hoayek presented the Lebanese aspirations in a memorandum to the Paris Peace Conference.
25 April 1920 San Remo Resolution determined the allocation of Class "A" League of Nations mandates for the administration of three then-undefined Ottoman territories in the Middle East: "Palestine", "Syria" and "Mesopotamia".
10 August 1920 Treaty of Sevres was signed. This treaty split up the Ottoman Empire. Following the peace conference, the French were awarded the French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon
1 September 1920 General Gouraud announced the creation of the state of Greater Lebanon following Decree 318 of August 31, 1920
1923-1943 Mandate for Syria and Lebanon  
23 May 1926 The State of Greater Lebanon became the Lebanese Republic. Constitution of 23 May 1926
25 May 1926 First Lebanese constitution was adopted.  
1 September 1926 Charles Dabbas was elected the first president of Lebanon
9 May 1932 French high commissioner Henri Ponsot suspended the constitution
30 January 1934 Habib Pacha El-Saad appointed as a president
1936 Franco-Lebanese treaty of independence and friendship was signed 
30 January 1936 Emile Eddeh elected president
22 November 1943 Independence of Lebanon
1 January 1944 Lebanon Independence became effective
1946 End of French Mandate and withdrawal of French troops from Lebanon