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Fine Arts in the Middle East: Galleries/Museums

This guide is intended to help you know more about Library and Internet resources in the area of Fine Arts in the Middle East. Use this guide as your starting point, come to the Library or Ask a Librarian for more resources and help.

AUB Art Galleries and Collections

The Saleeby donation is the cornerstone upon which AUB will establish a comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary art from the region. Our goal is to integrate this art into the process of learning as much as possible, and to make it available for critical reflection and study.

The Rose and Shaheen Saleeby Collection includes paintings by artists of different generations, ranging from Khalil Saleeby (1870-1928) and Cesar Gemayal (1898-1958) to Omar Onsi (1901-1969) and Saliba Douaihy (1912-1994). It also features works by Haidar Hamaoui (b. 1937), Chucrallah Fattouh (b. 1956), and Robert Khoury (b. 1923).  More

Selected Galleries



Paul Guiragossian

Courtesy of Agial Gallery

  • Agial Art Gallery One of the largest galleries in the area, the permanent collection of Agial includes names from the pioneers and established artists to the most promising talents.
  • Al Markhia Art Gallery Online gallery in Doha, Qatar with a mission to promote and represent group of emerging and established artist from the Arab world and Middle East.
  • Art Sawa  A leading gallery in the MENA region that facilitates and fosters interaction, dialogue and inspiration through art, between artists and the public across the Middle East.
  • Art Space A key player in the contemporary Middle Eastern and Iranian art field and has begun to branch out regionally.
  • Ayyam Gallery  Represent some of the region’s most prominent contemporary artists. The gallery has sought to promote the Arab World’s dynamic cultural scene at home and abroad.

  • Beirut Exhibition Center promote contemporary art throughout Beirut and the region
  • Elahe Gallery Introduces professional Iranian painters and their work of art.
  • Janet Rady Fine Art Represents a wide range of cutting edge Contemporary Arab and Iranian artists as well as International artists whose work references the Middle East.
  • The Majlis Gallery Art gallery in Dubai (UAE) promotes the works of local and international artists.
  • The Third Line Art gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a focus to promote contemporary Middle Eastern art and artists locally, regionally and internationally.
  • XVA Gallery one of the leading galleries in the Middle East that specializes in contemporary art from the Arab world, Iran and the Subcontinent.
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Exhibitions - Permanent

Courtesy of al Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art


  • Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Museum The largest Guggenheim in the world, will have global art, exhibitions, and education programs with particular focus on Middle Eastern contemporary art.
  • Farhat Art Museum a museum of modern and contemporary Arab art representing the lives of people in struggle. 
  • Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art Collection of contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, calligraphy, and photography. Many of the pieces are from the personal collection of Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed Al Thani.
  • Sharjah Art Museum Three floors of galleries dedicated to modern creative expression and over 300 artworks designed by artists from the Arab world.
  • The British Museum: Department of the Middle East Covers the ancient and contemporary civilizations and cultures of the Middle East from the Neolithic period until the present.
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Art Galleries By Country or Region

دليل المتاحف في الوطن العربي

A selected list of art galleries in