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Fine Arts in the Middle East: Foundations/Centers

This guide is intended to help you know more about Library and Internet resources in the area of Fine Arts in the Middle East. Use this guide as your starting point, come to the Library or Ask a Librarian for more resources and help.

AFAC - آفاق

Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts, while facilitating cultural exchange and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.

Magazine Articles


Babelmed - Artsreports about contemporary and dynamic cultural and art productions in the Mediterranean region.

Institutes / Foundations

Arab World Institute or Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris: promote cultural contact between the Arab world and the West. The Institute hosts a museum as well as temporary and interactive exhibitions.

A. M. Qattan Foundation
Culturale and Arts Programme supports talented artists, particulary the young, by offereing them incentives to develop their skills and explore new horizons.


English LogoAshkal Alwan: Non profit Lebanese association. Programs include the Home Works Forum on Cultural Practices, curated projects in Lebanon and abroad, the publication of literary works and artists’ books, and much more.

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center: Your window to art and Culture in Palestine. The Center works at developing visual artists' creative skills, nurturing new talents, as well as exhibiting and collecting art works.

Popular Art Center: promote culture and art sectors in Palestine.

Yabous Cultural Center: Offer people a venue to come together to share different cultural traditions, and to interact with artists. (based in East Jerusalem)

ArteEast presents the works contemporary artists from the Middle East, North Africa and their diasporas.