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Data Services: AUB Data Bank

Data services provided by AUB Libraries.

The AUB Data Bank offers long-term storage for scholarly output, more specifically Research Data.  AUB researchers can upload their published or unpublished datasets to AUB databank.

Publishing Data

To publish your data you should:

1- Be the copyright holder of the dataset.

2- Be an AUB affiliated faculty member or Research Assistant.

3- Remove any private or legally protected data from your dataset.

4- Make sure Data is in its final state and will not receive anymore changes.

Submitted Dataset

Your data will:

1- Be Accessible to all AUB community unless you specify otherwise.

2- Receive a stable identifier "Handle no."

3- Will be located in a stable environment.


How to submit your Data into AUB data bank.

1- Login using your AUB credentials to AUB Data Bank.
2- Go to the collection "AUB Research Data".
3- Select "Start a new submission"
2- Start filling the submission form with as much information as you can to make your dataset more visible and easily searchable.
3- After answering the "Initial Questions", start describing your dataset. There are 2 pages allocated for  "Description", adding the contact information of the author(s) and describing the dataset itself. 
It is important to give details and to be specific while describing your set. It will help others to find and better understand your data once it is well described and documented.
4- On page 4 you will upload your dataset. You can upload one or many files.

5- Read and agree to the license provided on the last page.
6- Submit your file to be reviewed by us. 
7- You should receive an e-mail message explaining how to access and refer to your submission. If your submission requires approval, then you will get your confirmation e-mail message after the submission is approved.