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Open Access Publishing

This guide highlights open access publishing for AUB affiliates as well as self-archiving at AUB. It also provides information and resources on author's rights, open access publishing, what to do before publishing plus some venues

Signs a journal or publisher might be "predatory"

For Hijacked journals which use duplicate or similar title, ISSN and other information of a reputable journal, you need to examine the journal's website carefully and watch out for phantom editorial boards, fake names, irregular publication pattern, low quality content, and no subject specialty. The journal's publisher, location, and contact are either not available or fraudulent.

Always suspect journals that aggressively solicit scholars to submit papers.  Legitimate journals usually do not solicit authors but instead have the authors contact them.

For more check also the five points on How to avoid predatory journals and How to Avoid Predatory Journals: The REAPPRAISED Checklist, refer to the Blobaum's checklist for review of journal quality and Beall’s List.