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Open Access Publishing

This guide highlights open access publishing for AUB affiliates as well as self-archiving at AUB. It also provides information and resources on author's rights, open access publishing, what to do before publishing plus some venues

Important Note

According to the World Bank, Lebanon is now among the Lower-Middle-Income countries and classified as Group A by Research4Life. Hence, our authors are now eligible for waivers and discounts on open access publishing. 

More information about the publishers, waivers, and discounts can be found here.

Before submitting, please email the publishers, describe our dire circumstances, and ask for the waivers/discounts.


Open Access Publishing @ AUB

Waivers and discounts for AUB Affiliates

Open Access (OA) refers to allowing unrestricted online access to scholarly information including peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, working papers, graduate theses, data, and other. For more on information, click here

AUB Libraries is participating in the membership program of the following open access publishers. Due to these memberships AUB scholars and academic researchers are eligible for waivers and discounts on the Article Processing Charges (APCs) for open access publishing.




Waivers and discounts


Additional Information


9 free Article Processing Charges on a 1st come 1st served basis. Expiry Date 31- June 2023

Log in to ACS Paragon Plus. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one


50% Discount

In case of lack of funding please click here for exceptional discounts

100% discount as mentioned in Waivers & Discounts

Upon submission please contact



Free Article Processing Charges till the end of 2023 in Gold and Hybrid journals



Free Article Processing Charges



15% Discount

PLOS is offering waivers & discounts on a case-by-case basis

Ask for a waiver by emailing the request to and to the journal's editor

100% Discount




Free in most of Sage Gold Open Access Journals till the end of 2023

Submit your primary affiliation in peer review as American University in Beirut


8 free Article Processing Charges from SPIE on a 1st come 1st served basis

When submitting, note the complimentary APC in the text-box provided for the institution name



In case of lack of funding please click here for exceptional discounts

50% Discount

In case of lack of funding please click here for exceptional discounts


50% discount

In case of lack of funding please send a letter to the editor and ask for waivers


100% free waivers starting January 2023


Springer, Springer Nature and BioMed Central:

If you are not in receipt of any research funds please send a scanned copy of:

  • A letter from your head of department confirming that you are not currently in receipt of any research funding, signed and printed on headed paper.
  • A description of the dire and governing circumstances.

Copies of these documents should be emailed to and to the editor of the journal.

For further assistance contact Mr. Albert Haddad, ext. 2608