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Systematic Reviews: Health Sciences

A guide for those who want to do a Systematic Review search strategy mainly in the health sciences field.

Transparent Reporting

It is very important that you apply transparent reporting of executed searches.

For databases document:

  • Databases used/ platform/ Dates covered / Date of search;
  • Document full detailed strategy as an appendix at least for one resource, with number of references;
  • Name restrictions such as Language, and filters employed;
  • List qualifications and name of searcher;
  • PRISMA-style flow diagram;
  • Describe search briefly in the methods section.


For non-database provide a brief summary of search method:

  • Internet sources: report the website name, the URL, the date searched, any specific sections searched and the search terms used.
  • Reference lists of selected included studies were scanned for relevant studies.
  • The manufacturing company ….. was contacted for further information (indicate date).
  • Citation searches in WoS or Scopus were carried out for papers citing the recent paper……