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SearchALL: a One Stop Search: FAQs

How to use SearchALL. A one-stop search, providing instant access to the breadth of the library's collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SearchALL?

What is the difference between SearchALL and the Catalog?

What is the difference between SearchALL and Google Scholar?

Does SearchALL replace the library catalog and individual databases?

When I conduct a search, I get too many results. How do I narrow down or refine my search?

I want to conduct a new search. How do I keep the search setting?

How do I limit my search to articles, books, journals or other items indexed in SearchALL?

How can I link to full text articles?

How do I save, e-mail, print, cite, or export my results?


What citation styles does SearchALL support?

How can I report a problem with SearchALL?


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