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SearchALL: a One Stop Search: Refine Search

How to use SearchALL. A one-stop search, providing instant access to the breadth of the library's collections.

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      Use the single search box to start a Basic Search

Guide Index

This guide is designed to help you search Search ALL.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search will allow you to search using particular criteria such as Title, Author, Publication name, Date and Content type. It is useful specially if you want to set several limiters such as:

  • Items with full text online
  • Scholarly materials
  • Items in the Library catalog
  • Exclude newspaper articles, book reviews and dissertation
  • Include results from outside the libraries' collections (This will bring results from other libraries that subscribe to Summon)


Sample Search

Start by selecting the SearchALL tab on the University Libraries website.

    • Type your keywords (e.g.: Global Warming) into the search box. 

        * You may limit your search to documents available in full text
      This will retreive thousands of results including: articles, books, theses, conference papers, archival materials... 

  • You may refine and narrow down your search using the options on the left side of the screen

  • Items with full text online
  • Scholarly and peer reviewed publications
    this will exclude books and some other local materials
  • All items excluding newspaper articles

  • Limit by content types such as book, journal article ...
  • Click on more... to exclude a content type e.g. Book Reviews  
  • Option types only appears if available

  • Refine your search by selecting one or more subjects
  • To see all the subjects click on more...
  • Check one or more boxes in the Include column to select relevant subject terms 
  • Remove irrelevent terms by selecting boxes in the Exclude column
  •  Use the date slider to specify a publication date range


  • Set the date manually by using the date boxes

  • When finish, click Update


  • You may sort your results by relevance or by date

  • When you limit your search to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review. In most cases, SearchALL will highlight one or more recommended databases at the top of the list of results.