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Arab Uprisings: Research Help

This guide compiles resources about the "Arab Spring" from different think tanks and news sources, and it guides you on how to find relevant information using the library resources.

Choose Search Terms

Before you search for articles or books in the libraries, you should identify your research topic, define major concepts or keywords of your topic, and think of synonyms or related terms.

In the Library Catalog and in Article Databases construct a keyword search using Boolean Operators (AND, OR and NOT)

  • AND: Used to combine keywords or concepts. e.g. Arab Spring AND Economy
  • OR:  Used to obtain results containing any of the mentioned keywords. e.g. Arab Spring OR Revolution
  • NOT: Used to exclude a word or a concept. e.g. Arab Spring NOT Tunisia

Tutorials and guides on various search strategies
Search Strategies from Arizona State University
How to Generate Keywords from University of Texas at Austin

Evaluate Your Sources

When it comes to research, you need to use authoritative sources that support your arguments.
Criteria used to evaluate books, periodical articles, or web sources are similar

      Accuracy      Authority       Objectivity        Currency       Coverage   


Guides on How to Evaluate

Where is the Article?

  • If you do not find the full text of an article, look for the  icon to check if the library has the article online or in print.
  • Are you looking for a specific article that you know its title and other citation information?
    • Use Citation Linker to see if AUB libraries possess a copy of the article.
    • Search for the title of the journal (not the title of the article) in Journal/ eBook Finder  to see if the journal is available electronically or in print.

Write & Cite

It is crucial that you cite your sources to give credit to the author you are referring to. Failing to do so will result in Plagiarism.

For sample styles, check the manuals at the Reference Desks or look at some samples from other universities.

For writing styles, automatic citation generators, or citation management softwares, check Cite Your Sources guide.

Looking for writing advices, schedule an appointment online, visit the Writing Center in Ada Dodge Hall - Room 214, call extension: 3157, or email: 

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