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This guide compiles resources about the "Arab Spring" from different think tanks and news sources, and it guides you on how to find relevant information using the library resources.

Welcome to the" Arab Spring" Research Guide

Welcome to the" Arab Uprisings" Research Guide

Since early 2011, several Arab countries have been, almost simultaneously, subject to unparalleled revolutions known as "Arab Spring". These extraordinary events, which constitute a major turning point for the region, have attracted the attention of scholars from around the globe.

The University Libraries are pleased to publish an "Arab Uprisings Guide", which provides users with scholarly resources, news sites, and web archives as well as other useful internet sources related to these historic events.
Use the above tabs to find relevant libray and web resources covering this topic.



A bird's eye view of Tahrir square on Feb. 8.
Photo taken by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images

Retreived from Day of Rage, A Foreign Policy slide Show  

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الثورات بشبابها

الثورات بشبابها : العدد الأول من مجلة “بدايات" فصلية ثقافية فكرية صدر في بيروت وضم عدداً من الشهادات الكتابية الجزئية عن الثورات العربية