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Evidence Based Public Health (EBPH)

This guide provides information about EPH from definition, model & steps to databases, books, journals, guidelines, etc.

Featured Books

These books EBPH books are featured in ULS.

systematicemati    syste m       a    

An introduction to systematic            Evidence-based public                      Evidence-based public
reviews                                               health                                                health
by Gough, David; Oliver, Sandy; Thomas, James             by Brownson, Ross C                                                     by Brownson, Ross C 

2012                                                                              2003                                                                             2011, 2nd ed.

WA 950 A531g 2012 Sharp c.1, AUBMC/SHARP                     WA 525 E92e 2003, Saab Medical Library                             e-book            

                                                                               also as an e-book                                                              

systematicema  t syste m      a   

Evidence-based public                        Evidence-based healthcare               Evidence-based
health practice                                     and public health                              public health                                                                                                                                                                effectiveness and efficiency 
by Fink, Arlene                                                                 by Gray, J. A. Muir;                                                       by Killoran, Amanda
2013                                                                                2009                                                                            2010

e-book                                                                                WB 102 G779e 2009, Saab Medical Library                     e-book

Featured Book Chapters

These are book chapters about EBPH that are featured in ULS.

Evidence-Based Public Health

A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 01/2008


Towards a new framework for evidence-based public health

What works in tackling health inequalities?, 03/2006‚Äč


Transparency and Documentation in Simulations of Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Towards Evidence-Based Public Health Decisions and Communications

Electronic Healthcare, 2010