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Digital Collections at AUB

This is a general guide about digital collections, highlighting major digital collections at AUB as well as selected Middle Eastern digital collections around the world.


Special Projects

These are open access projects. They are the result of collaboration with other AUB departments, faculties, and scholars, as well as with external partners such as libraries, centers and institutions. 

Special Project (Open Access)

     1953<br><strong>Issue: 07</strong>        2008<br><strong>Issue: 10-11</strong>    

Al-Ādāb periodical collection

Al-ĀdĀb is a literary and cultural Magazine established in 1953 by Dr. Souhail Idris. It includes files in political thought, poetry, short stories, movies criticism, theater, and general culture mainly in the Arab World. Al-Ādāb Magazine and AUB Libraries agreed to digitize, catalog and index the entire magazine archives (1953-2012). You may browse the magazine by subject, author, section and date.


DDC web archive            

Børre Ludvigsen Archive webarchive collection

Professor Børre Ludvigsen was a prominent and active professor at Østfold University College also he was a pillar contributor and owner of several of the first digitization and research initiatives at the AUB University Libraries and at AUB in general. He was the lead project manager at the

  1. AUB Digital Documentation Center (DDC)
  2. Al Mashriq an online repository for cultural multimedia information from the Levant in general and Lebanon in particular.  


The Kamal Joumblatt Digital Library project is the result of a partnership between the University Libraries (UL) and the Joumblatt family, represented by Mr. Walid Joumblatt.

The aim of this website is to make the digital archive of Kamal Joumblatt freely and conveniently accessible to scholars, students and general readers.
Users of the site have the opportunity to browse archival materials by type, search metadata of all items, and retrieve requested materials in full-text, as well as images and multimedia.



The Palestinian Oral History Archive, 1990s

The Palestinian Oral History Archive (POHA) is a project that provides access to an archival collection of around 1,000 hours of testimonies with first generation Palestinians and other Palestinian communities in Lebanon.

The Archive's main focus is personal accounts surrounding the Nakba.
The collection contains life narratives of the pre-Nakba period in pre-1948 Palestine, folktales and songs, as well as stories of the women in Ein el-Helwe camp after its destruction in 1982.

The Refugee Cultural Heritage digital archive captures homeland memories and creates permanent records of intangible cultural heritage of Palestinian and Syrian refugees mainly residing in refugee camps in Lebanon. 

The digital archive has been delivered in partnership with AUB, Dream of a Refugee Association, and Social Humanitarain Economical Intervention for Local Development.   

The content Audio option Video option of this archive has been researched and collected by residents of the camps which constitutes a key element of this archive.