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Tools for Patients

This libguide aims to collect reliable and uptodate resources that patients can easily understand, and thereby help them achieve better health.

"More than a third of USA adults regularly use internet to self diagnose their ailments, using it both for non-urgent symptoms and for urgent symptoms" (Semigran, Linder, Gidengil, & Mehrotra, 2015). Below is a list of resources called symptom checkers that attempt to provide the patients with their potential diagnosis and direct them to the appropriate care setting:

Remember that these resources help you identify possible causes for your health problem, however they are NOT always 100% accurate.

Semigran, H. L., Linder, J. A., Gidengil, C., & Mehrotra, A. (2015). Evaluation of symptom checkers for self diagnosis and triage: audit study. BMJ : British Medical Journal, 351, h3480. doi:10.1136/bmj.h3480




last updated Jun 3, 2020