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Tools for Patients

This libguide aims to collect reliable and uptodate resources that patients can easily understand, and thereby help them achieve better health.

Check this comprehensive resource center for the latest and most credible information about COVID-19:

This libguide is created to inform the patients and their families seeking reliable up-to-date health information about a particular disease, condition, drug or wellness issues, thus making patients more engaged in their plan of care process.This is to note that the American University of Beirut, the American University of Beirut-Medical Center (AUBMC), and Saab Medical Library are not to be held responsible or liable for complications, injuries or other accidents arising from the use of information of the resources in this libguide.

Because an Informed Patient is a Better Patient

These are simply meant to supplement physician’s instructions, to make you an informed patient by providing reliable health information that you can easily understand.

Meaning of logos that you will see in this libguide

Open Access (OA): Freely accessible resource to anyone anywhere

Podcast: Audio file made available for the written text on the Internet

Mobile App: The link on instructions to download the resource to your mobile, click on it to take you to the related page


last updated Jun 3, 2020