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SciFinder is a discovery tool provided by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) for chemical structure & reaction and forward cited-reference searches.


SciFinder is a research discovery application that provides integrated access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences such as biomedicine, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, etc. (from SciFinder's website). 

SciFindern is the new and improved version of SciFinder with an updated interface and search algorithm.  


Source: Chemical Abstracts Service. (2021, September 15). Moving from SciFinder to CAS


You can decide whether you want to continue using the classic SciFinder or switch to the updated SciFindern here.

First time users: Registration is required, you should be on campus to follow the below steps:

1. Click here 

2. Click "Next" to begin registration

3. Click "Accept" after reading and agreeing to the terms

4. Provide the required registration info (only your AUB email address will be recognized)

5. Click "Register"

6. Read the email message from CAS and follow the instructions

Note: You need to have "Java Applet and Java Web Start support" installed on your PC. Download and install JAVA by clicking here 

Note: If you are unable to be on campus during registration, kindly email

Existing users: Click here to login

SciFinder's basic functions include:

  • Search by topic, author, company name, substance, chemical reaction, etc.
  • Analyze, Refine and Categorize your results 
  • Export your results to a citation manager (e.g. EndNote, RefWorks)
  • Get related citations (Get citing, Get cited)
  • ... and more!

SciFinder allows you to make better, more confident decisions from the start to the finish of your research project.

  • Explore – Easily find relevant substances, reactions or references in the world’s most trusted and comprehensive collection of chemistry and scientific information using a wide variety of search techniques.
  • Focus – Save time and effort using Sort, Analyze and Refine tools to quickly filter your answer set and find the best answers to your scientific questions.
  • Plan – Efficiently visualize projects, design a synthesis plan, and easily manage and organize search results using SciPlanner’s interactive workspace before heading to the lab or sharing with colleagues.
  • Share – Collaborate with colleagues, share links and increase productivity with the ability to customize how you and others see your search results with multiple options to save, print and export.
  • Stay current and competitive – Quickly add search topics to create Keep Me Posted alerts for convenient access to the latest research in your area of interest.

SciFinder allows you to:

  • Get substances – access substance information including chemical structures, chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers®, properties, commercial availability and regulatory information.
  • Get reactions – find dependable and current chemical reaction information including reaction schemes, experimental procedures, conditions, yields, solvents, catalysts, as well as commercial availability of substances with direct links to leading producer and supplier sites.
  • Get references – get the information from the world’s up-to-date chemistry and related science information found in journals, patents, dissertations and more. SciFinder brings you information from early discovery through clinical trials with the combined coverage of CAplusSM and MEDLINE®