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Internet Search Guide: Home

Search Tools

A variety of tools are used to search for information on the World Wide Web

    - Directories
Search engines
   - Metasearch engines
Specialized tools

Search Strategies

Some of the strategies used for finding information on the internet

   - Combining words
   - Excluding words
   - Boolean Operators 
   - Exact match
Limiting by websites

Welcome to the Internet Research Guide

Internet sites increase on a daily basis by the hundreds and the thousands.
An overload of information is now common on those sites. Some of them disappear overnight and then may reappear again without explanation.
It is important to be critical about the information you find on the internet especially when you are doing research. You will need to use academic sources to support your arguments and to get accurate information.

This module will help you find and evaluate information on the internet. It also presents tips for searching effectively and efficiently.



How to interpret the basics

      - Accuracy
   - Authority
   - Objectivity
   - Currency 
   - Coverage