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Internet Search Guide: Search Strategies

Combining Words

Use AND or the (+) sign to combine your words

Search engines today combine your keywords automatically (excluding adjectives, indefinite articles such as “the” “a” etc..,  

Excluding Words

Use the (-) sign to exclude a word or a concept
e.g. +intellectual +property -patents

The results would be about intellectual property excluding patents

Using Boolean Operators AND/ OR/ NOT

AND: used to combine two words/ concepts
e.g. Lebanon AND Business


OR: used to obtain results containing any of the mentioned keywords
e.g. Middle East OR Lebanon


NOT: used to exclude a word or a concept
e.g. Lebanon NOT War

Limiting by Websites Domains

Go to the Advanced Search Option in Google, Yahoo, Ask and request a domain restriction as shown below

Exact Match

Use quotation marks “   ”
to get results or websites with the exact phrase.
e.g. “mutual funds"