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Course Guide For History of Art & Architecture

Selected resources for basic or in-depth research in the history of art and architecture

Finding Information on a Specific Photograph, or Object, Or Site

Search Tips:

1- Search the UL catalog to find books on your object (e.g. Statuette of Aphrodite).

2- In many cases, you might not find a book on a specific object, so, you might search for the historical era of the object (e.g. Ancient Greece)  or the location of the object where it is found  (e.g. Baalbak or Lebanon or Greece).

3- You may also search Google Books for your object and if they don't provide full-text access to the book, then try to find the book in the UL catalog.

  1. Start by searching best bet databases like JSTOR.  If you didn't find any results, you may use other databases listed below.
  2. Instead of searching for a long phrase like "Statuette of Aphrodite Anadyomene", try something like "Aphrodite Anadyomene" or Aphrodite 
  3. Try searching for the object name and the location: Aphrodite AND Lebanon or Aphrodite AND Sidon
  4. If you didn't have any luck in finding an article on your object related to Lebanon, you may check articles of a similar object located in other locations (e.g. Greece or Athens).