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Course Guide For History of Art & Architecture

Selected resources for basic or in-depth research in the history of art and architecture

Finding Articles

Recommended Article Databases

How to search for articles

Searching Tips (sample search in JSTOR):

  • Use keywords and synonyms e.g. Hagia Sophia OR Hagia Sofia OR Santa Sophia OR Santa Sofia OR Aya Sofia
  • Use quotation marks to find exact phrases e.g. "Hagia Sophia
  • Search the abstract field whenever you can, to retrieve more relevant results
  • Add additional terms or location to refine your results
    • "Hagia Sophia" AND "Byzantine Architecture"


Example of search results (using JSTOR): 

  • hagia sophia (with no quotes)= 5,445 results
  • "hagia sophia" OR "hagia sofia" (with quotes) = 5,191 results
  • hagia sophia AND byzantine architecture (with no quotes) = 2,236 results
  • "hagia sophia" AND "byzantine architecture" (with quotes) = 985 results

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