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Medical Laboratory Sciences

Toolkit for Medical Laboratory students, technicians and professors

Welcome to Medical Laboratory Sciences Guide

Medical Laboratory Science is the specialty related to the performance of techniques in clinical pathology such as those in hematology, microbiology, and other general clinical laboratory applications.- MeSH

The aim of this guide is to introduce you to information resources from the Saab Medical Library, divided by format.

Where Medical Laboraory Science?

In the American University of Beirut-Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) Program in FHS, a joint three-year program between the FHS and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine.

In the American University of Beirut Medical Center-Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, a dual function is carried: academic (training, teaching and research) and service to patients.

Meaning of logos that you will see in this libguide

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last updated Feb 13, 2020