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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

This guide was prepared by Dr. Ola El Zein, Head of Saab Medical Library. It provides valuable resources for both, Healthcare Professionals (physicians, nurses and practitioners) and Health Consumers about the COVID-19 outbreak and recent research related to this topic, in addition to Experts' Pick Articles.

This guide includes sections dedicated to LebanonAUB and AUBMC. In addition to international and regional academic sources and articles, the guide includes webinars, reports, maps, videos, and a section for Faculty, Staff and Students highlighting the available online tools & resources to continue their respective tasks from home. Mental Health management and TeleHealth have been highlighted as well, in addition to a section for Open Educational Resources and one for the effect of this outbreak on the Economy.



For questions or feedback, contact me by Email or by Phone: +961-1350000 Ext. 5911.