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Research Impact Metrics & Visibility

This guide, targeted towards faculty and researchers, provides an introduction to the various metrics used to measure scholarly research impact.

This video describes the importance of having a Google Scholar profile and provides instructions on how to set up an author profile on Google Scholar.

Credits: Narrated by Hala Succar, designed by Sara Jawad.

  • Proprietary system from Google integrated within Google Scholar. 

  • Provides a simple way for researchers to showcase their academic publications and citations they have received.

  • You can choose to have your list of articles updated automatically or review the updates yourself, or to manually update your articles at any time.




Getting a Google Scholar profile:

  • Allows you to collate information about your scholarly output indexed in Google Scholar.

  • Helps you keep track of how often and who cites your publications.

  • Provides you with citation metrics like h-index and i10-index.

  • Allows other researchers across the world to easily find your work.

  • Increases your research visibility and opens up new avenues of academic collaboration.

You may create a free Google Scholar profile by following the below steps:

  • On the Profile page, you will be prompted to fill out some basic information about yourself such as your name, affiliation, email, areas of interest, and homepage (which is optional). In the "Email for verification" box, enter your AUB email address. Before proceeding, check your AUB inbox for an email from Google asking you to verify your AUB email. Click on the "Verify email address" button. Go back to the Google Scholar page and click on "Next step".

  • The next Articles page will give you a list of documents. Select the relevant documents that belong to you by checking the boxes next to them.

  • On the Settings page, under Article updates, if your name is unique select "Apply updates automatically". If your name is common, it is preferable to select "Email me updates for review" so you can check the documents manually before adding them to your Google Scholar profile (otherwise incorrect publications might be added automatically to your profile). Under "Profile visibility", make your profile public so your name can appear under AUB's list of profiles.


To add missing publications to your profile:

  • Go to Google Scholar page and click on 'My profile' at the top left corner of the window.

  • On your Google Scholar Citations profile, click on the '+' icon above your list of articles. There are three ways to add articles from here.  'Add article groups' and 'Add articles' offer suggestions based on your profile and you can check the articles you want to add to your profile. 'Add article manually' allows you to input the citation information for articles that don't appear in the automatic options.

  • To add articles manually, you need to add the citation information for each document. Select the type of publication from the options given and fill out the form with the needed information.

  • In addition to adding publications to your profile, there are also options for you to merge, delete and export records on your Google Scholar profile. 

The below resources may be relevant if you want to learn more about Google Scholar profile: