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Camille Chamoun (1900 - 1987) former Lebanese president from 1952 to 1958: Photos

This guide is intended to help you learn about the Lebanese president Camile Chamoun (1900-1987). It serves as a starting points to find resources for searching the life of Camile Chamoun, publications about and by him, photos, media, as well as his visit

Camille Chamoun

ولد الرئيس الراحل كميل نمر شمعون في دير القمر في 3 نيسان 1900 والده نمر شمعون ووالدته أنطوانيت أديب. تزوّج من زلفا تابت في 30 كانون الأول 1930 وله ولدان: دوري وداني ... للمزيد


Camille Chamoun and King Hussein of Jordan © L'Orient  Le Jour

Camille and Zalpha Chamoun © Archives Khattar Hadati

Camille Chamoun © L'Orient Le Jour

Stamps and Monuments

Date of issue 18/11/2016   -   Designed by Ghassan Balesh           LibanPost

Commemorative stamp in honor of Sett Zalfa Camille Chamoun

Statue of Camille Chamoun
Deir Al Kamar