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Study Abroad: Study Abroad While at AUB

Scholarships play a significant role in enhancing students' academic experience. If you are a student from Lebanon, you could be eligible for a number of international scholarships, fellowships, grants and more.

Study Abroad for AUB Students

AUB is a globally connected university that encourages all its students to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) develops and administers institutional partnerships with prestigious universities around the world in support of its mission to promote internationalization and diversity at AUB.

For further details refer to the AUB Study Abroad Policies and Procedures or contact the Office of International Program (Ext: 3176 - Email:

Policies and procedures for:

AUB Abroad

As an AUB student, you may spend up to two semesters abroad as part of your degree at AUB.