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ORCID: Create your Unique Digital Identifier

A quick guide to AUB affiliates about ORCID, how to create an ORCID ID, and how this can help in solving the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications

Alberto Haddad

Contact Information:

University Libraries-Jafet Library

American University of Beirut 

Tel: 9611350000 ext. 2990-2620 





 Ensure a higher research impact, a more effective discovery and a better institutional evaluation

It is important to list all your publications in your ORCID account. Citations can be added in two ways:

I. Through your institutional account the University Libraries will manage & edit your record & citations.

  • ​It would help if you can provide the University Library with a soft copy of a list of your publications. You may contact Alberto Haddad by email:
  • In case you already have the list ready in your LinkedIn account, Research Gate, Academia, departmental annual report or other, please share it with Alberto Haddad by email:

II. You add the citations of all your publications to your ORCID account.

Three ways to add the citations yourself

I. Search & Link (recommended)

Video tutorial on how to import works using the Search & Link Wizard from ORCID on Vimeo.

Scopus & Web of Science:

Link your ORCID ID to your Scopus ID & Researcher ID & share the data.

II. Import BibTex:

The second option is to link from other systems using BibTex. From the "Works" section, choose "Add Works" and click on "Import BibTex".

Choose the works you need to export and make sure to Save.






III. Add Manually:

Last, you can manually add your works, scroll down to the "Works" section, choose "Add Works" and click on "Add manually".

Fill as many citation fields as you can.