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AUB Map Collections

Our Map Collection comprises 1631 maps (in 1904 sheets) from various countries around the world in several languages, e.g. Arabic, English, German and French.  The collection contains geographical maps of different categories (historical, topographical, geological, touristic, aerial and road maps), at different scales and projections. Dates covered range from 1750 to 2008.

Highlights include:

·     Several maps of Lebanon, including some topographic maps of several regions that date from 1940 to 1966; geologic maps that date from 1929 to 1975; land cover maps (FAO 1991); aerial maps including 270 aerial views of Beirut (black and white) from 1991 and acquired from the Directorate of Geographic Affairs, etc.

·     Map of Western Palestine from surveys conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund by C.R. Conder and H.H. Kitchener during the years 1872-1877 (1880 & 1881)

·     Map of the Western part of Asia Minor/drawn by Henry Kiepert from his own researches and other surveys, mostly unpublished (1890-1892).

·     Some early maps of Beirut:

Plan de Beyrouth: Dedie a S.M.J. le Sultan Abdul Hamid II / par Julius Loytved, (1876) 

Baies de Beyrouth et de St. Georges d’apres les leves anglais de 1859/ Service hydrographique de la marine, Paris,1888.  Edition Decembre 1925.


To search for specific maps, please search our Library catalog AUBCAT, using a keyword, title or author search and limiting your search to "material type= cartographic material" using the advanced search.

Map of Beirut by Julius Loytved 1876