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Resources for Management: Resources for Management


Strategic Management

1- Where to go for resources about strategic management?

Among the many definitions in the literature can be found a number of words and phrases that are all linked in some way with the notion of strategy:

Purpose or mission, policies, defining what business the company is in, defining what kind of company it is, Objectives or goals, SWOT analyses, Key success factors Capabilities or competences, implementation and sustainable competitive advantage

All those principles and elements are searchable in the databases of the University Libraries
Here are some examples:

Purpose or mission (a statement of why the company exists)

              Go to
ABI/Inform Database               
              Go to 
Wiley Interscience 

              Suggested Searches

              strategic planning and mission statements
shareholder value and mission
hareholders wealth and strategic planning
              stakeholders and mission

             Sample article

Policies ( guiding rules and principles that are regarded as an integral part of the company's success model)
           Go to ABI/Inform Database
Go to Wiley Interscience 

Suggested searches
Starbucks and policies
           Marks and Spencer and policies and customers

           Renault and policies

Defining what business the company is in (choice of industry)

For articles about your industry, type the industry name (e.g. apparel industry
           in the search  box using any of the databases below:

           ABI/Inform Database

           Business Source Premier 
           Business and Company Resource Center

           Check trade publications in the results lists  to learn about trends

           You may also want to use the advanced search option in ABI/Inform and Business Source
           Premier for a search by industry NAICS or  SIC codes.
Click here to learn about NAICS and SIC codes

Defining what kind of company it is
(corporate culture)
Business Source Premier
type corporate culture and company

Strengths and weaknesses Opportunities and threats & Competitors (identification of opportunities in the market-place)
SWOT analyses as well as top competitors are available via Business Source Premier database
Click here to learn more

2- Strategic Management of your company, your industry or a specific person

Strategic Management and Pepsi

Strategic Management and Carlos Ghosn
Strategic management AND Chief executive Officers
Coffee Industry and competition

Suggested Databases
ABI/ Inform Global
Business Source Premier
Emerald Full Text