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Water, Energy, and Food Nexus

This guide helps researchers find resources on water, energy, and food related topics.

Selected Books/e-Books

Selected Book Chapters

Keulertz, M., Sowers, J., Woertz, E., & Mohtar, R. (2018). The water-energy-food nexus in arid regions: The politics of problemsheds. In K. Conca & E. Weinthal (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of water politics and policy. Oxford University Press.

Kurian, M., Portney, K. E., Rappold, G., Hannibal, B., & Gebrechorkos, S. H. (2018). Governance of water-energy-food nexus: A social network analysis approach to understanding agency behaviour. In S. Hulsmann & R. Ardakanian (Eds.), Managing water, soil and waste resources to achieve sustainable development goals (pp. 125-147). Springer.

Midgley, S. J. E., New, M., & Methner, N. (2019). Competition for land, water and energy (nexus) in food production. In P. Ferranti, E. M. Berry & J. R. Anderson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of food security and sustainability (pp. 187-195). Elsevier.

Mosalam, H. A., & El-Barad, M. (2020). Design an integration platform between water energy nexus and business model applied for sustainable development. In V. Naddeo, M. Balakrishnan, K. H. Choo (Eds.), Frontiers in water-energy-nexus—nature-based solutions, advanced technologies and best practices for environmental sustainability (pp. 481-484). Springer.

Peterson, J. M. (2017). Water–energy–food nexus—commonalities and differences in the United States and Europe. In J. R. Ziolkowska & J. M. Peterson (Eds.), Competition for water resources (pp. 252-258). Elsevier.

Pharino, C. (2017). Sustainable challenges in the agrofood sector: The environment food–energy–water nexus. In R. Bhat (Ed.), Sustainability challenges in the agrofood sector (pp. 78-102). John Wiley.

Rasul, G., & Sharma, B. (2015). Water, food, and energy nexus in South Asia: Implications for adaption to climate change. In L. Filho (Ed.), Handbook of climate change adaptation (pp. 1329-1350). Springer.

Watkins, D., Shwom, R., Schelly, C., Agusdinata, D. B., Floress, K., & Halvorsen, K. E. (2019). Understanding household conservation, climate change and the food–energy–water nexus from a transdisciplinary perspective. In K. E. Halvorsen, C. Schelly, R. M. Handler, E. C. Pischke & J. L. Knowlton (Eds.), A research agenda for environmental management (pp.145-158) . Edward Elgar Publishing.

Book of Abstracts

  • Role of dams in water-energy-food nexus (S.Y. Kumcu, M.E. Aydin) 
  • Water-energy-food strategy for sustainable development in Morocco (A. Dahchour, S. El Hajjaji) 
  • Impacts of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on water, agriculture and energy sectors in Egypt (A.M. Negm, M.A. Elsahabi, M.S. Tayie) 
  • Impacts of climate change on water and food security in Turkey (B. Topkaya, E. Karadirek)
  • Removal of arsenic pollution from groundwater in small villages, assessment of low cost technologies in Konya, Turkey (M.E. Aydin, S. Aydin, F. Beduk, M. Bahadir)
  • Constructed wetlands as smart combinations of water treatment and energy generation (E. Domscheit)
  • Assessing the potential of using solar photovoltaic pumping in irrigation: Case of the Tadla Region in Morocco (A. Hajji, K.A. Nombo)
  • Integration of solar energy, desalination and agricultural greenhouses (H.E.S. Fath)
  • Kinetic study for nitrate removal by nano zero-valent iron (H.I. Uzun, Z.B. Arslan, K. Ulucan-Altuntas, E. Debik)
  • Impacts of unofficial water reuse in Edko drain catchment, western Nile delta (A. Abd El-Moneim, A. El-Saadi, A. Abd Allah, A. Hassan, S. Abou El-Fotouh)
  • Study of physicochemical parameters of groundwater in Mohammedia Region, Morocco, for use in agriculture (S. El Hajjaji, J. Mabrouki, A. Dahchour)
  • Flood risk assessment for sustainable renewable energy generation; Case study: Egypt’s Red Sea Coast (A.M. Elmoustafa, A.M.O. Kamhawy)
  • Water uses and productivity in crop/livestock farms in a semi-arid region (M.T. Sraïri)
  • Assessment of water management in irrigation applications in the Karapinar Basin, Konya, Turkey (M.E. Aydin, S.Y. Kumcu)
  • C/N ratio mapping using geostatistics for variable rate technology application in Egypt (S.M. Shaddad) 
  • Internet of things and cloud computing for smart precision agriculture (E.E. Omran)
  • Bio-treatment efficiency of different wastewater sources and its potential application on heavy metal reduction and food production (A.M.A. Merwad, A.M. Helmy, M.S. Abu-Hashim) 
  • Grey water management in Jordan: Technology and future perspectives (M. Al-Alawi
  • Agricultural water resources management, environmental and financial evaluation – A case study (K. Güneş)
  • Urban sprawling in Egypt and its impact on land use reform (H. Soussa)
  • Utilization of unused wastewater for fodder production in Jordan (A. Jiries)
  • Water footprint of sugarcane crop in Egypt (A. Ghandour, A.A. Farag, A. Swelam)
  • Energy for water in Jordan’s water sector (A. Al-Omari)
  • Wastewater/waste to energy in MENA Region - A review of opportunities (Z. Abou Elnaga)
  • A review on smart city concept and smart water management (I.E. Karadirek, B. Topkaya) 
  • Lake management under the stress of climate change and agricultural water use: Beyşehir Lake, Turkey (A. Dogan, A.S. Şanlı)