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Oral History:"Historians use the testimonies of witnesses to historic periods to gain insights that are not found elsewhere."

Oral history is both the oldest type of historical documentation and one of the most modern one now, benefiting from modern digital technologies.The value of oral history lies largely in the way it helps to place people’s experiences within a larger social and historical context. The interview becomes a record useful for documenting past events, individual or collective experiences, and understandings of the ways that history is constructed. Because it relies on memory, oral sources, like other sources, need to be critically evaluated. OHA.

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Encourages standards of excellence in oral history projects.


  A collaborative initiative publishing current best practices

seeks to promote oral history and help build an active oral history community.

 plays a leading role in the development of oral history, both in Britain and internationally.

Digital Omnium is Doug Boyd blog about oral history, archives and digital technologies