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Lebanon Economy and Finance: Home

This guide provides resources and reports about the contemporary financial and economic status in Lebanon.

About this Research Guide

 This research guide provides useful resources, including research papers, books, data, reports, news articles, 
 as well as video interviews about the challenging financial and economic status in Lebanon in the last few years (as of 2015). 
 The guide is a good starting point for researchers to locate useful entities and focal local, regional, and international 
 information and data providers. Please note that content is not comprehensive due to vast amount of available information.

Report: Lebanon Dossier by Statista (2017-2024)

Infographic: Percentage of World Debt by Country: Visual Capitalist

This guide was initially prepared and published by Sahar Ghandour

Video: Lebanon's Finance Minister: We're definitely not on the brink of bankruptcy

Video: Paralyzed Lebanon Will Have to Restructure Debt

Video: Will the dollar reach LBP 3000? How does the price of the lira affect the economic situation and public debt in Lebanon?