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Industrial Engineering and Management

Welcome to the Industrial Engineering and Management Research Guide



This guide is intended to help you find: 

  • Resources for the study of Industrial Engineering & Management.  
  • Encyclopedias, books, journal articles, news sources and other. 
  • E-resources, print resources, and trustworthy Internet sites and resources.

            Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of the guide.

Getting Started

Step 1: Identify and Develop your Topic
            Decide on the topic you would like to study. Try to answer the what, why, who,             
            where and when
questions in relation to your topic


Step 2: Find Background Information in Reference Sources

Step 3:Find out what has already been written on your topic in Books and Articles

Step 4: Consider other types of materials that might support your research
For more thorough research, go beyond books and articles to find Theses, etc...


Step 5: Cite your sources correctly