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History of Pandemics in the Middle East: Resources on the History of Pandemics

This guide is a starting point for information about the history of pandemics in the Middle East


History of Pandemics
These maps are highlighted in 'the plague to MERS: A brief history of pandemics' by Alia Chughtai (Publication Date: June 2020 / Al-Jazeera)
Plagues and the History of the Middle East

Epidemics and Quarantine in Middle Eastern History

Rethinking the History of Plague in the Time of Coronavirus


Health Care and Epidemics in Antiquity: The Example of Ancient Mesopotamia

Lecture by Walter Farber, Professor of Assyriology, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. From the ''Epidemics Then and Now: Infectious Diseases Around the World,'' the 2006 University of Chicago Summer Institute for Educators.