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AUB ScholarWorks: Submission Formats

AUB ScholarWorks is the institutional repository of the Amerian University of Beirut


In order to preserve and provide longterm access to the deposited material, the University Library would prefer to have the submissions in open formats. Nevertheless, we are ready to accept the data you have in any format. Some of the major formats are found in the table below.


Image  Preferred         .pdf/a, .odt, .odf

  Acceptable       .csv,.txt,.xml,.rtf,.doc,.xls,.pdf,.ps

Image  Preferred         .tiff, jp2

  Acceptable      .tiff, .jp2, .gif, .png, .jpeg

  Preferred         .bwf, .flac

 Acceptable       .aif, .lla, .ogg, .wav, .aac, .mp3, .ram, .wmv

  Preferred         .avi, .mj2, .mpj2

  Acceptable      .avi, .mj2, .mpj2, .mp2, .mp4, .wmv, .mov