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Digital Libraries: Arabic Digital Libraries

Digital Humanities

Digital Library of the Middle East

"The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and Stanford Libraries today announced the release of a public, open platform for the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME), which aims to become one of the world’s largest online archives of Middle Eastern and North African artifacts. The DLME aggregates, through an ongoing program, digital records of published materials, documents, maps, artifacts, audiovisual recordings, and more from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Arabic Collections Online  المجموعات العربية على الانترنت

Arabic Collections Online (ACO) is a publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic language content. Funded by New York University Abu Dhabi, this mass digitization project aims to expose up to 15,000 volumes from NYU and partner institutions over a period of five years. NYU and the partner institutions are contributing all types of material—literature, business, science, and more—from their Arabic language collections. ACO will provide digital access to printed books drawn from rich Arabic collections of prominent libraries.

Al- Raqmiyyat Digital Islamic History

Arabic Digital Libraries

Islamic Text

Arabic Corpus

KITAB Corpus Arabic Metadata (OpenITI)

The Open Islamicate Texts Initiative (OpenITIis a multi-institutional effort to construct the first open-access machine-actionable scholarly corpus of premodern Islamicate texts. The co-PIs for the project are Maxim Romanov (University of Vienna), Sarah Bowen Savant (Aga Khan University-ISMC, London), and Matthew Miller (University of Maryland, College Park). Our corpus is now searchable online, using the following link:

it is supported by funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, awarded to the KITAB project (Grant Agreement No. 772989, PI Sarah Bowen Savant) and the Qatar National Library.


Most of the Arabic texts have been collected from open-access online collections of pre-modern and modern Arabic texts such as al-Maktabaŧ al-Šāmilaŧ and Maktabaŧ al-Šīʿaŧ.