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Find Statistics: SPSS

SPSS software

AUB community is given access to the SPSS Software On Campus. Here are the steps to access this software:

  1. On the AUB main page you click on A-Z
  2. Look for Applications Server under A.
  3. You need to agree to the terms and conditions, then click on Install

You can directly access the software by clicking on Applications Server - SPSS 

Searching LIBCAT

To search the LIBCAT for books on SPSS:

1. Advanced search

  • Type the search terms (statistics and SPSS) in the Keyword search box.
  • Restrict to Material Type "books" and "E-Book"

2. Basic Search

  • Type SPSS in the search box and select "Subject" instead of Keyword.
  • Click on the subject to retrieve the list of items on SPSS.