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Guide to ASC Collections: House Rules

House Rules

Reading Room Rules:                      

·     A valid AUB ID-card is required from AUB Community, while a library membership card is necessary for external researchers (for details of obtaining a membership card check External Borrower Categories).

·     Researchers wishing to visit the Archives and Special Collections Department are kindly requested to fill this Form​. Researchers planning to make extensive use of the collections are strongly encouraged to email the Department with their inquiry to ensure promptness of services, and availability of resources:​

·     Users are allowed to place a hold on specific Archives and Special Collections items for up to two days. The items will be kept on hold within the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room.

·     Only a limited amount of materials may be used at any given time. Researchers may be required to return materials before additional items are released to them.

·     Archival material must be returned to the staff in charge before you leave the Reading Room for any reason, and items may not be transferred from one researcher to another.

Due to the risk of inadvertent damage to valuable materials, we require patrons to abide by the following additional regulations (we appreciate your cooperation and understanding):

·        ASC materials must remain on the table during use and be treated with extreme care: please do not lean on or place anything on top of items; items may not be traced or marked, defaced, altered, or folded anew. (Researchers who mishandle material may be denied access to our holdings).

·         When consulting documents, ink pens must be put away. Patrons must use pencils (or laptops) if they wish to take notes.

·        The use of cell phones, individual scanners, tape recorders is not permitted.

·         Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited.