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Guide to ASC Collections: Photographs & Postcards

Early AUB Photo on Campus


Chemical Laboratory or School of Pharmacy, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 1893


Visit of the Imperial Commissioners to SPC, 1913

Syrian Protestant College Red Cross Expedition to Auja al-Hafir, 1914

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Manoug Collection

o  AUB Events Photos, 1866-present: 49,200 photos which have been cataloged and mostly digitized. These include AUB annual ceremonies, conferences, concerts, lectures, and student activities, etc.

To search for specific AUB Events photos, please search our Library catalog AUBCAT, using the advanced search and using a keyword, title or author search while limiting your search to "material type= photos".

o  The E.W. Blatchford Collection, ca.1880 to 1900: 801 photographs of the Middle East collected by E.W. Blatchford and donated to AUB by his daughter, Mrs. Howard Bliss. The collection features photos of historical monuments, archeological sites, buildings and architectural details, landscapes, scenes of daily life and economic production, portraits, etc. Most pictures were shot outdoors, while a few were shot in studios.

o  The Moore Collection, 1892-1902: 106 black and white photos of AUB campus, Lebanon, and the region, 79 of which have been digitized. Photos were taken between 1892 and 1915, and are part of Moore's work which extends to cover AUB campus, as well as Lebanon and its mountains, Syria, and Palestine.

o  WWI and King Crane Photograph Album, 1918-1919: 117 black and white photographs that cover the visits of Emir Faisal and Sherif Ali Haidar to different areas in Syria and Jordan. The collection also includes photographs of French, English, and Turkish troops, King-Crane Commission's visit to Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, in addition to views from Aleppo, Damascus, Ladakiya, Kuneitra, Jaffa, Jenin, Jerusalem, Tripoli, and Adana.

o  Egyptian Cinema and Theater Collection, 1913-1960: 477 photos Black and white photographs in 20 albums. These albums include photographs of Egyptian Cinema and Theater, some press clippings, and small posters of Egyptian artists.

  Kanafani Zahar Collection, 1977-1998: 228 Black and white, as well as colored photos.  Subjects covered: Sociological and anthropological studies of Lebanon, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates: houses, women’s clothes, and ornaments, traditional food making, Aqd al rq’I ceremony, etc. Description and identification of each photograph by photographer Aida Kanafani. Subjects covered: Old crafts, cooking, and feasts; bread and ka’k making; pastries preparation at times of religious feast and throughout the year. All typically Lebanese. Photos were taken in various cities and towns of Lebanon: Hsarat Byblos, Hsoun, and Beirut.


o  Manoug Alemian Collection: 463 black and white photographs, covering several areas in Lebanon (309 photos) and Beirut (154 photos). Subjects covered in Lebanon include Baalbeck festival, and various natural landmarks: Byblos, Cedars, Beiteddine, Barouk, Nahr Ibrahim, Nahr el Kalb, Saida, Tripoli, Tyre, etc. Subjects covered in Beirut include parts of Downtown Beirut during the war especially the Souks, Hotels, Old Lebanese Houses, Mosques, etc.

o Richard Sterling Finnie Photograph Collection, 1951: 52 black and white photographs, received from New York Office in October 2002. Subjects covered include landscapes (Lebanese mountains, Beirut, Nahr el Kalb); factories; Middle East Broadcasting Studio; Tap Line (Saidon); Jerusalem, and Damascus.

o The Palestine Archaeological Museum photo collection, 1910-1976: 29 albumen photographic print and 2 postcards, documents the landmarks in Qumran, Palestine. The collection is relevant to researchers interested in the archaeology of the Middle East and specifically Palestine. 

and many more...

SPC Postcard 1898 from Sarrafian Bros Collection

Panoramic view of SPC (now AUB), 1898

Postcards: ASC owns a collection of late 19th and early 20th c. AUB postcards. The earliest postcard found at AUB's University Library's Archives Department is labeled "Panoramic View of Syrian Protestant College" and dates back to 1898. Back then, writing messages on the back of the cards was not allowed: rather, a space was left on the front of the card where the sender could jot down some notes. Starting in 1901, content on the back of the card was allowed, and in 1907 the space on the back of the cards started to be divided into two, thus taking its present-day form.

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 Aley: Hôtel Belvédère, Isa Ma'luf Collection

for more Ma'luf postcards....