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Guide to ASC Collections: University Archives

AUB Photos

  • AUB Events Photos (49,200 photos which have been cataloged and mainly digitized) (search our catalog AUBCATusing the advanced search, by title, keyword, author and limit to "material type=photograph" ).
  • Moore Photograph collection (early 20th C campus views)


A selection of ASC Online Exhibits

"AUB Main Gate"

This exhibit displays the history, planning, and initial function of the Main Gate building, the architect behind it, the evolution of the building over time, and its impact on and integration into the life of AUB.

"أنيسة روضة نجار: ذكريات إنجازات وتوصيات"  

ناشطة لبنانية رائدة في مجال التنمية الريفية وحقوق المرأة. بدأت كواحدة من أوائل الصحفيات في العالم العربي، حيث حررت النشرة الإخبارية للمدرسة الأهلية في عام 1931، ولمعت كإحدى المؤسسات والعضوات البارزات لعدة جمعيات نسائية. مثّلت لبنان في المحافل والمؤتمرات الدولية لفترة طويلة.



"الشيخ عبد القادر قباني: سيرة مدينة في حياة رجل"

عبد القادر أفندي القباني هو رئيس بلدية بيروت ومؤسس وصاحب جريدة ثمرات الفنون البيروتية سنة 1885م ..أحد مؤسسي جمعية المقاصد الخيرية الاجتماعية عام   1877م واسس مع عمر باشا المحمد ومحمد رشيد رضا جمعية في طرابلس تعني بتعليم الفقراء، وعين عضوا في محكمة بيروت الاستئنافية بالاضافة لانتخابه رئيسا لمجلسها البلدي.

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University Archives

Student Union Gazette, 1913-1932


Our University Archives hold many significant collections, perhaps most noteworthy of which are the following: early Presidential papers, documenting the early founding of the Syrian Protestant College in 1866, and the Edwin Lewis crisis in 1882; records of early Missionaries' educational activities in the region (e.g. the Near East College Association papers; a number of noteworthy 19th c. and early 20th c. students' publications documenting the socio-political climate in the area, e.g. Zahrat al-kullīyah, al-mabdaʼ al-sahīh, Kodak, al Urwat-al-Wuthqa, as well as al-Kulliyah magazine , 1910-2014, documenting the AUB student uprising in 1950, in addition to Outlook, 1949-present, documenting the students' uprising in 1973; papers of significant intellectual Arab figures, e.g. Jirji Zaydan, Philip Hitti, and Constantine Zurayk and women activists like Zahiya Kaddoura, Anisa Rawda Najar, Emilie Fares Ibrahim and Ni’mat Baydoun Kronfol, among others.

Holdings within the University Archives are subsumed under the following categories:

  • General activities: (annual ceremonies, prominent visitors, choir, University wide bodies, etc.)
  • Administration: (academic pertaining to the Provost and his supporting units, and non-academic pertaining to the President and his supporting units—see Presidential papers, e.g. Daniel and Howard Bliss, Edward Nickoley, Bayard Dodge, Stephen Penrose, Malcom Kerr, etc.);
  • Faculties: History of different faculties and departments; Directory of AUB Faculty, Staff and Officers ( 1866 to present)
  • Students: (activities, clubs, societies, and publications including some historical material, e.g. nine volumes of the Students Union Gazette issued by the students of the Syrian Protestant College (SPC) between 1913-1932);
  • Alumni: History of the Association, its branches and chapters; Directory of Alumni, 1870-1952.
  • AUB-ites: (Papers and Files) e.g. Constantine Zurayk, Mansour JurdakPhilip Hitti, Salvador Arnita, Zaki Nassif, William West, Zeine Nour-Ed-Dine Zeine, etc.
  • Audio-visuals: documentaries produced by AUB (28)
  • Related Bodies: (American Mission Press, Women’s auxiliary, Women's League, etc.)
  • In addition to AUB Events Photos...

University Archives Program

The University Archives Program document, mandated by the AUB President, approves the Archives’ existence and confers to it the necessary authority to accomplish its mission. It lists all items accepted by the Archives for deposit, and clarifies procedures for depositing those items within the Archives.

 Please, do consider contacting us to transfer your AUB historic institutional documents to our Archives, in order to preserve those documents, and safeguard AUB's history.

Please email us at:

American Mission Press

1871 المطبعة الأميركية

The American Mission Press moved to Beirut from Malta in 1834, it had its own movable letter block print design (Arabic and English). The collection includes  wooden letter blocks, as well as the Press early documents.

Copyright Statement

All digitized texts and images in the AUB Libraries’ collections are for the personal, not-for-profit use of students, scholars, and the public. Any such use must name "The American University of Beirut Libraries” as the original source for the material. All texts and images are subject to copyright laws and, except where noted otherwise, are the property of the University Libraries. Commercial use, print or electronic re-publication of text or images (including reposting on the web an integral text or image) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the University Libraries. Reproduction Service Fee information is available on our website.

For Further Information, please contact:

"Dr. Constantine Zurayk: Knowledge at the Service of Life"

 The documents, photos and letters in this exhibit  provide a glimpse onto the multi-faceted personality and rich life that Dr. Zurayk led. 

"The Syrian Protestant College and the Great War: 1914-1918"

Th photos, letters, reports, diaries, documents, etc., in this exhibit bear witness to the increasingly influential role that SPC, and AUB, were destined to play in the region.

"Comics: A Very Serious Matter!"

Comics is a rich subject of study, one worthy of studying across disciplines, and from a variety of perspectives.

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