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HathiTrust Guide: About

This is a quick guide for students and faculty members who are interested in searching the HathiTrust digital library, building their own collections, as well as viewing and downloading PDFs.


The HathiTrust Digital Library includes reference works such as biographies, dictionaries, directories, and encyclopedias as well as books, government documents, manuscripts, journals, maps, newspapers, music scores, photos, pictorial works, and other published and unpublished materials.

As of January 2015, HathiTrust library includes 

  • 13,072,477 total volumes
  • 6,675,373 book titles
  • 345,640 serial titles 
  • 4,894,312 volumes in the public domain (~37% of total volumes) 

Currently Digitized statistics are updated on a daily basis. Click here for latest statistics.

You may view visualizations of content by Discipline

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