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HathiTrust Guide: Find items in AUB Libraries

This is a quick guide for students and faculty members who are interested in searching the HathiTrust digital library, building their own collections, as well as viewing and downloading PDFs.

HathiTrust allows users to search for Full-View items held in AUB Libraries. Please note that HathiTrust does not replace the AUB libraries Catalog.

How to Find Items Held by AUB Libraries?
  • Log-in to HathiTrust
  • Choose 'American University of Beirut' from the list of partner institution then click Continue
  • Sign-in using your AUBNet Account
  • Go to Advanced Full Text Search
  • Enter your search terms
  • Scroll down to Limit to
  • Check the "Held by American University of Beirut" box
  • Click on Search

N.B. Full View is limited to items in the public domain.

Sample Search

To find out if a selected title is available in AUB Libraries, click on "Catalog Record" then click on the "Find in a library" link.