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HathiTrust Guide: Search

This is a quick guide for students and faculty members who are interested in searching the HathiTrust digital library, building their own collections, as well as viewing and downloading PDFs.


Full Text Search: searches the full text of a book including its table of contents and bibliographic information, whether or not the full text is available for download.

Catalog Search: searches bibliographic information of a record such as title, author, publisher, publication date, and subject headings.

HathiTrust allows you to also search:

  • A collection of books that you or others have created. To create and search collections, you need to Log-in using your AUBNet Account. 
  • A Single Volume where you can search for keywords within the full text of a particular item.
  • HathiTrust titles may also be searched using SearchAll and WorldCat
    • HathiTrust Digital LibraryUse WorldCat Local Prototype catalog to search HathiTrust Digital Library using WorldCat interface
    • Follow below steps to retrieve HathiTrust titles through SearchALL
      1. Perform a search in HathiTrust
      2. Go to Refine your Search on the left-hand side column
      3. Scroll to Content Type and Limit to Book / eBook
      4. Choose a book title, then click on "Book: Citation Online" underneath the selected title to open the record in HathiTrust

Boolean Searching

  • Use AND to combine two words. e.g. heart AND surgery   
  • Use OR to obtain results containing any of the mentioned keywords. e.g. heart OR cardiac
  • Use AND and OR between words to combine them. e.g.(heart OR cardiac) AND surgery (this combination will find items about heart surgery or cardiac surgery.)

Minus Sign: Use a minus (-) to remove words from the results. e.g., heart  -cardiac will find items containing the world heart that do not include the word cardiac.

Phrase Searching: Use quotation marks ("....") to get results with the exact phrase e.g."fast food"

Wildcard Symbols: Use wildcard symbols (?) and (*) in place of a letter within a keyword if you are not sure of the spelling or if there are different forms of the root word. 


For additional search tips click here



You may choose to view All search results or limit your search to those with Full text view.

You may refine and narrow down your search using the options on the left side of the screen.

Options for refining your results include Subject, Author, Language, Place of Publication, Date of Publication, Format and Location.