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Library Internship Program

This guide introduces the internship program in the University Libraries
Internship Program at the University Libraries internship Icon 1996776
Library Systems and Applications Department

Here are listed tasks that can be undertaken by interns in the Library Internship Program at the Library Systems and Applications Department. Please note that interns can joint the below module for a semester long internship.


The intern will have an orientation tour with the Head of the Department and will pass by staff members to have an overview of the work done at the Department and the policies and procedures of the Department.

A mentor is assigned to the intern who will be responsible for guiding the latter and following up on his/her work.

The Head of the Department assigns a project to the intern and a work plan is prepared by the Head of the Department, mentor, in coordination with intern to match his/her capabilities and interests.

Bi-weekly meetings with the Head of the Department are set to overcome any challenges, assess the work of the intern, and apply any necessary modifications to the work plan, when necessary.

Interns must be able to work during office hours  8:00-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. Specific schedules will be arranged between the intern and supervisor.

A submission of a student self-reflection paper (Maximum one page) to the mentor/Head of the department before receiving a certificate.

Self-Archiving and Data Management

The mentor
will explain thoroughly the policies and procedures and will be responsible to follow up on the work of the intern. The internship will entail working with scholarly records such as research data and faculty publications. It will also entail working on submissions to the institutional repository AUB ScholarWorks.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the internship, the intern will be able to:

  • Search for a specific collection of ScholarWorks
  • Document and curate scholarly output
  • Understand, use and apply licensing information
  • Apply self-archiving 

For a general overview of the projects undertaken by the Library Systems and Applications, please check our AUB ScholarWorks.