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Lebanese Corner: Home

This page aims to introduce the SML Lebanese Corner database and how to search it.

Lebanese Corner (LEB) is a major project created in 1984 by the AUB Saab Medical Library Reference Department. It attempts to include all publications written about Lebanon and/or by Lebanese authors in the fields of medicine and allied health sciences literature. 

This collection includes various material types mainly as journal articles, book chapters, whole books, reports, thesis, etc... also it contains the full indexing of all articles published in the "Journal Medical Libanais" and "Revue Medicale Libanaise", in addition to articles from any other source that fit in the scope of this collection, plus clippings from local newspapers such as As-Safir, An-Nahar, L’Orient Le Jour, Daily Star, etc…
The indexing is done using the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification and Subject Headings (MeSH).

How to Search LEB?

LEB search engine is designed to offer a simple but powerful search tool for the ‘Lebanese Corner’ collection:

To search LEB, type a word (or phrase) and specify in which field to search that particular word(s), keeping in mind the following search tips that help you retrieve best results:
  • When you search using OR and AND at the same time, the LEB program processes AND before the OR.
  • Keywords are searched as embedded in the selected field. So when you search for action, you also retrieve interaction, interactions, actions, etc.
  • Automatic external truncation is applied, to disable this leave a blank space after the keyword. So to retrieve only the word action but not also actions, you should leave an empty space after action before clicking on "Search LEB".
  • Search is case insensitive, so you get the same result whether you search Action or action or ACTION.
  • To search for an author, type in the family name followed by a comma, then leave one space and follow with the initial or the full first name. So, to search for Fuad Haddad, type Haddad, F and then select "Author" from the drop-down menu.
  • You can limit the search by year, or document type; and you can sort by a specific field.
Full Text @ LEB
The majority of documents in the 'Lebanese Corner' are available as full-text to the AUB users requesting a valid AUB user-name and password for accessing the full-text.
However, if there is an item you need from this collection that is not directly available as full-text, contact us to request it.
LEB Needs YOUR Help
In an effort to make LEB collection as complete as possible, Your help is needed!
If you have published anything within the scope of the 'Lebanese Corner' that is not included in this resource, we would appreciate it if you notify us so as to add it to the LEB Collection.
Or if you are an author of a certain publication indexed in LEB but is not available as full-text, we would highly appreciate it if you can send us a copy of that document.
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