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Citing your references: Endnote Client: Other Features

An ABC guide for different Medical, Nursing, and Public Health database on how to export references into the different citation management tools: Refworks, Endnote Web & Endnote Client.

Adding a Journal's Style

Let us say you want to publish in the journal entitled "Current treatment options in cardiovascular medicine".

1- Check availability in Journal Finder

2-Open its link and try to look for Instructions to Authors

In this case, in springer how to reach there is by:

   a-Click "Up to Journal"

   b- Click on "Editorial Board" in "About this Journal"

   c- Click on "Instructions to Authors"

   d- Click on "References" and look for information about authors using EndNote

   e- Click on "Endnote Style (zip, 3kB), the following will open, Click "Ok"

   f- Double click

   g- Double click again

   h- Click on "File", then "Save As..."

   i-Save it

   j- Click on "Another Style"

   k- Now the style shows and you can select it to use it in reference that particular journal

Creating Smart Group

An automatic way of doing title and abstract screening on Endnote Client  to search for specific predetermined terms instead of screening manually.

Attaching Full Text-Automatically

After skimming through the results and selecting the relevant articles, it is time to read their Full text.

If you have downloaded Endnote Client from AUB, then this step will help you automatically get the PDF attached to the articles -that AUB has access to- by few click.

1-Ctrl+A (to select all relevant articles)

2- Right Click → Find Full Text→ Find Full Text

Click on Intext referencing to go to Citation in bibliography

In Word document, while you are citing while/after writing and using the Endnote Word Add-in

1-   Select your IN-TEXT reference

2-   Click on "Edit & Manage Citation(s)"




3-   Click "Tools", the "Format Bibliography"

4-   Select "Link in-text citations to references in bibliography"