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Citing your references: Endnote Client: Managing Systematic Review Search Results

An ABC guide for different Medical, Nursing, and Public Health database on how to export references into the different citation management tools: Refworks, Endnote Web & Endnote Client.

Step 1: Creating Groups Sets & Groups

Step 2: Exporting search results from Databases

Direct Exporting

Indirect Exporting

Step 3: Annotating the record with database details

•To add additional information to exported records, such as database name and the date and time that you have exported the search results.
Double check and make sure your selection is Correct before doing this mass update that cannot be undone.

Step 4: Documenting Search Results

Create an Excel Sheet (Search Tracker) that will help you to document information about your searches that you will need to keep track of:

•Database names with the platform
•Export Date
•Search strategies for each database
•Number of results from each database

Step 5: Creating customized fields to add reviewer's comments

Step 6: Sharing your Endnote Library


Step 7: Finding FullText

After skimming through the results and selecting the relevant articles, it is time to read their Full text.

If you have downloaded Endnote Client from AUB, then this step will help you automatically get the PDF attached to the articles -that AUB has access to- by few click.

1-Ctrl+A (to select all relevant articles)

2- Right Click → Find Full Text→ Find Full Text

Other Features: Creating Smart Group, Add/Attach Full Text to relevant articles, etc...

An automatic way of doing title and abstract screening on EndNoteClient  to search for specific predetermined terms instead of screening manually.