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SML Research Guide: Research for Beginners

A comprehensive guide for any one interested in doing a literature search in the medical/health sciences fields


This module is from Elsevier and aims to guide early career researchers in their research and scholarly publishing process.  The below boxes cover different aspects that users might find useful and all of these are available from Elsevier Publishing Campus but require free registration:

Skills Training

Skills Training is packed with free online training and advice to improve your knowledge and skills in publishing academic research:

Interactive training courses guide you carefully through a topic and test your knowledge along the way.

Online lectures present a topic by leading experts and engage in Q&A towards the end to boost the discussion.

LIVE online lectures present a topic by leading experts and are followed by a live Q&A which you can join in!

Research Solutions

Research Solutions: train for effective/efficient research skills to become smarter at what you do.

This module contains free tools to help you get ready to publish. They'll help you keep up-to-date with current research, manage your personal online library, and create bibliographies for your articles. For articles you've already published, you can use free tools to share and promote your work.

Big Ideas

Big Ideas: discuss and learn about the latest developments in publishing with Elsevier's Big Ideas blog posts, webinars, feature articles, discussions and live events, such as Introducing the Open Science collection

Career Planning

Career Planning: a successful research career hinges not only on getting that single paper published, it requires you to think ahead about where you want to be 3 to 5 years from now, or even 10 to 15 years. You need to know where to find the funding to keep you going, so that when new opportunities present themselves, you are ready to take the next step.


Networking: building and maintaining a network within your research community

Researching and writing can absorb a huge amount of time. It is easy to forget that engaging with the world around you is just as important when it comes to establishing a successful career and becoming a widely-recognized researcher. 

Staying on top of developments within your subject area will not only benefit your career, it might give you new insights into the topic you've been working on, put you in contact with the experts in your field and put you on the right track to getting the recognition you deserve. 

Recommended Organizations

Recommended Organizations: many organizations exist around the world that are dedicated to supporting the careers and progress of researchers today. Whether it be from a policy level, creating training resources, providing a voice and advice or organizing events - these organizations work tirelessly to improve the future of researchers in academia.