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Arabic Comic Books

This guide is a starting point for finding information on comic books and graphic novels in the Arab world. The guide was created in support of Mu'taz and Rada Sawwaf Arabic Comics Initiative at the American University of Beirut.

Online Comic Books

Samandal: picture stories from here and there. Read the following issues of Samandal Comics online: Samandal issue1; Samandal issue2; and Samandal issue3


  • Malaak a webcomic featuring Lebanon's superhero.
  • TokTok is different from traditional comic books. It's a monthly review that aims to produce a bustling mass of comic strips.The Making of TokTok (short video).
  • Tosh Fesh is a series of books published by Mutaz Sawwaf dedicated to caricature artists in the Arab word.
  • The 99 - Superhero Comic Books from the Arab World. The 99 is created by Naif Al-Mutawa and published by Teshkeel Comics. Examples of The 99 Characters are Noora The Light, Bari The Healer, Jabbar The Powerful, etc.

Festivals, Awards, Grants, etc.

Social Media

Children's Comic Books

I. Arabic Comic Magazines

  • Ahmad  magazine for children starting 7 years old - Lebanon
  • Majid Comic book and children's magazine published in Abou Dhabi - UAE
  • Osama Majalat al-Tifl al-Arabi - Syria. 
  • Samir Comic book serie published since 1959 by "Dar Al-Hilal" - Egypt
  • Touta Touta a magazine published for children of 5 and 7 years old - Lebanon

II. Collections

III. Images and Exhibitions

  • Arab Comics Net: Arabic and translated to Arabic comic books and journals. Browse collection by books or journals publishers.   
  • Exhibition: Arab Children's Comics.




Graphic Novels

 خارج السيطرة: كتاب تأليف جماعي ينتمي لفن الكوميكس 

Projects and Theses