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PubMed: PubMed vs. GoogleScholar

Welcome to PubMed Tutorial that is intended to provide general and basic information on how to search this resource

Aim of Medline/PubMed vs. GoogleScholar

Aim of this page is to compare the search for medical literature using Medline/PubMed vs. GoogleScholar

Medline/PubMed vs. GoogleScholar

Medline/PubMed GoogleScholar
Searches only bibliographic data and MeSH Searches in addition the article full-text
Uses controlled vocabulary: MeSH No controlled vocabulary
Searches medical/health related topics Searches broad field of science
Provides search history and ability to combine sets with Boolean operators No search history, search has to be done in one line
No limit for search query characters Search query limited to 256 characters
Automatic term mapping to MeSH Possible automatic searching for synonyms, unclear
Can limit search to a number of fields Search limited to title and author fields only
Has a large selection of predefined limiting options No prequalified limits like human, age groups, systematic reviews etc...
Can download a number of records directly to a citation management tool Can download one citation at a time