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E-Historical Collection: Ibn Sina

This Guide houses Saab Medical Library (SML) e-Historical Values Collection. This Collection is growing year by year...


Ibn Sina


This 1593 version of Ibn Sina's Canon of Medicine has been digitized and published by the Saab Medical Library as a contribution to the online body of historical medical knowledge for research and teaching purposes.

I would like to thank Mr. Khalil T. Nassar for the english translation. I would like to thank him also for his patience and perseverance in this task.

Also I would like to thank Mrs. Nadine Shoujaa Timani for typing and retyping the English and Arabic texts. My thanks go to Mrs. Nada Sbaity for coordinating the realization of this work and to Mr. Børre Ludvigsen for the conception and realization of this work.

Hilda T. Nassar - Director, Medical Librarian

Concept, design, digitizing and authoring: Børre Ludvigsen, Beirut 2002-2007.

A short biographical note on Ibn Sina (Avicenna) by Abd al-Rahman al Naqib, professor at Mansoura University, Egypt:

(This biographical note is part of an article orginally published in UNESCO's Prospects: the quarterly review of comparative education, vol. XXIII, no. 1/2, 1993, p. 53-69, and is © UNESCO.)

The man and his age

The Sheikh al-Ra'is Sharaf al-Mulk Abu 'Ali al-Husayn b. 'Abd Allah b. al-Hasan b. 'Ali Ibn Sina (known in Europe as Avicenna) was born in the village of Afshana in the vicinity of Bukhara (in what is now Uzbekistan), in 370 AH (980 AD) - the generally accepted date - of an Ismailian family concerned with intellectual sciences and philosophical inquiry, all of which had its effect upon the scientific career of Avicenna.

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Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina (Arabic Content)

Ibn Sina

Contents of the complete Arabic book of 1593

داخل الغلاف

صفحة العنوان



الكتاب الأول

الكتاب الثاني

الكتاب الثالث

الكتاب الرابع

الكتاب الخامس

فهرست الكتب الخمسة

فهرس هجائي باللّغة العربية


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(The illuminations at the top and bottom of the page are from the book.)

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